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Wenzhou Meiernuo Chemical Co., Ltd.

A Technology-intensive Fine Chemical Company


About us

Wenzhou Meiernuo Chemical Co., Ltd, founded in 1989, is a technology-intensive fine chemical company with the main objective to carry on business of manufactures and dealers in dyes (metal-complex dyes, environmentally friendly water-based dyes, leather dyes, acid dyes etc…), dyes intermediates and pigments. Headquartered in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, the company today has production bases and R&D departments in Jiangsu, Jiangxi and Hubei Province.The company has established itself as a leading manufacturer and exporter of dyes and Chemicals.

Our Products

Our News


Dye Basics: Acid Dyes

Traditional acid dyes refer to water-soluble dyes containing acidic groups in the dye structure, which are usually dyed under acidic conditions...


Dye Basics: Cationic Dyes

Cationic dyes are special dyes for polyacrylonitrile fiber dyeing, and can also be used for the dyeing of modified polyester (CDP). Today, I will share the basic knowledge of cationic dyes...